Suspension Revalves from Quads, Mini’s, Big Bike’s (The PILLOW FEEL)

DeVol Suspension Valving is for the rider that demands reliability, performance and a safe feel from their motorcycles. With a combined 20 years of professional racing experience and Research & Development, Royce DeVol and Brandon Thomas go through every aspect of the rider to install the perfect valving set up needed. Every valving job is different!

We spend countless hours of testing with all different levels of riders and bikes to get the perfect valving and spring combination for terrain, weight, age and ability. The goal is to set the suspension for a nice supple and plush feeling in small bumps and progressively get stiffer through the stroke for harder hits.

Once we have decided the correct valving and spring rate for the rider, it is no more than a basic rebuild to complete your suspension upgrades. After completion of the suspension, we install the components into our manual dyno to insure the stroke of the suspension is what you are looking for.

We also offer additional products to supplement “the pillow feel” of your suspension.
(See Works Performance parts)

You will expect a short 3-7 day turnaround time with DeVol Suspension. Once you have received your suspension, we look forward to talking with you to confirm how everything is working. We always guarantee our springs to be correct once you get the bike and will update our valving for the life of your bike once its done!

Revalve Service Showa/Kayaba
Forks         $199.95 Labor/ Oil
Shock        $189.95 Labor/ Oil/ Nitrogen
Fork Revalve Service 2011/12 KXF250 $149.95

Revalve Service WP/Street 
Forks        $219.95 Labor/ Oil
Shock       $209.95 Labor/ Oil
Bladder system recommended for all WP/ ifp shocks $

*Price does not include, springs, required parts, seals, bushings, etc. Parts cost may vary depending upon condition of the internal wear items that need to be replaced. A complete estimate (Parts & Labor) can be given once the internal components are inspected.

DeVol Engineered Suspension spends countless hours testing all models with different types of riders to get the settings correct for you on the 1st time you receive your suspension.

We inspect every part of your suspension system for wear and address every single part with our modifications.

DeVol always returns old maintenance parts and springs back to the customer.

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